Everything, a short way from Milan.

Bergamo – provincial capital in Lombardy, with about 117,000 inhabitants – is characterised by the peculiarity of being divided into two parts.

Città Alta, enclosed on the hills by the ancient Venetian walls, and Città Bassa. Bergamo is a precious town of art, influenced contemporaneously by the Lombard figurative culture and by that of Venice. Overall, the town shows that the old and the new can blend in a harmonic way.

Here the Middle Ages, the Renaissance splendours and the legends of the modern epoch form a unique and multi-form mosaic, which make Bergamo an unrepeatable town, an ideal destination for those who love a clean atmosphere, the evocative powers of a small town, those who seek thousands of art exhibitions but who prefer to savour them in environments built for man, far from the hustle and bustle that cram the large museums and big cities.



The building is set in the heart of the Lombard town’s acropolis, cradle of a precious historical heritage which is kept within the majestic defending walls that stand as irreprehensible custodians of Bergamo’s cultural patrimony.

The construction’s strategical position allows the costumers to visit the ancient burg’s countless attractions with absolute tranquillity and comfort: in fact, a few steps from the hotel a glimpse of Piazza Vecchia (a square of the Renaissance crowned by a complex of elegant building such as the Palace of the Podesta, the Palace of Reason, the Communal Tower, the Colleoni’s Chapel, the grandiose Cathedral and the Romanic church of Santa Maria Maggiore) can already be seen.

The wonderful panorama serves as a framework of a rich mosaic of theatres and museums, part of which are situated in the upper city part in the lower city, easily reachable thanks to the efficient public transport system; we point out the peculiar Historical Museum, which is placed inwards the Rocca, and the Donizetti theatre, one of the most representative artistic centres of the entire Lombard overview.


Even if less famous than that of other Italian realities, the small Lombard town’s culinary and oenological tradition is proud of both a wide range of local worldwide known products and simple yet tasty meals, symbols of a popular, ancient and genuine everyday life.

While walking through via Colleoni, a street adjacent to the hotel, the customers will find a rich selection of restaurants, in which they may let themselves be enchanted by the intense flavours of Bergamo’s cookery.

The most typical meal is called “Casonsei alla bergamasca”, which are big ravioli flavoured with bacon, melted butter and parmesan. Other famous dishes are called “Polenta e Osei” and “Polenta Taragna”; plus, since the Italian culinary tradition requires some accuracy in the selection of the drinks and the desserts, the people from Bergamo are proud to offer a lot of local desserts as the “Donizetti cake” and the wine production of “Valcalepio” and the “Moscato” of Scanzo.


Important tourist destination, Bergamo particularly stands out for the high number of parks that are included within the walls and for the bordering naural reserves. We point out the peculiar Parco dei Colli (Hills Park), rich in woods and valleys enhanced by fields of chestnut trees, in addition to the wide selection of city parks that encircle the surrounding area.

The commercial activity is also very florid: a large choice of shopping centres (as the well-known Orio Centre) developed beside the high fashionable boutiques, and all of them are easily reachable from the hotel thanks to the highly functional transport network that the district offers to the inhabitants and tourists.

For the nature lovers Bergamo developed a thick circuit of cycling lanes, suitable to promote fast moves and delight the visitors with majestic views. In addition, Bergamo is a city for young people, dedicated to fun with its cinemas and discos and it also values the physical activities, as it may be seen in its facilities, specifically created to promote team games and sports such as football, basketball, tennis and swimming.